Arizona Training Center

AXIS Flight School is dedicated to skydivers interested in expanding their skills and knowledge in their chosen skydiving discipline.

Our training facility offers quality coaching for jumpers ranging from novice to expert. Our coaching programs have been tried and proven, yet are still flexible enough to meet each individual’s goals. Designed to benefit individuals as well as teams, coaching is essential for beginners to learn new skill sets, as well as for experienced jumpers looking to refine their technique.


-Wind Tunnel Training

-Individual One-on-One Coaching

Formation Skydiving (4-way, 8-way, etc.) also see X-Pansion Projects

Vertical Formation Skydiving & Freefly

Canopy Control (Basic to Advanced)

Camera Workshops (Artistic & Competition)

Refresher and Recurrence

Water Training

-B-License through D-License Written Exams


Our classroom is located next to the main packing hanger, underneath the “Arizona Training Center” sign. So come on by and find out which coaching program is best for you!

AXIS Flight School

4900 N. Taylor St. Eloy, AZ 85131 USA Call: +1 (520) 466-4200

We always do our best to accommodate walkups, however we cannot guarantee that a coach will be available at such short notice. To receive the attention you are looking for, please contact us a couple of weeks ahead of time so we can help you set up a training plan. Please click here to view our hours of operations and requirements.

Individual One-on-One Coaching

AXIS Flight School offers individual coaching for a variety of experience levels and disciplines. Whether you are a beginner who just received an A-license or a seasoned competitor, AXIS can design a custom training program for you. All AXIS instructors are USPA AFF-I rated as well as multi World Level Competitors.

Canopy Coaching (B-License and More)

The best way to build confidence is to acquire knowledge. Building confidence for canopy flight requires knowledge and practice. The best education is a solid foundation of reading the environment, proper positioning in your harness and knowledge of how and why your canopy works and reacts to inputs. Simple information as well as advanced skills like managing long spots, no wind landings, use of front and rear risers and navigating a predictable and consistent landing pattern are all areas addressed during our canopy skills course. Most of your training jumps will start at 5,000 feet, where you will deploy immediately so you can completely focus on flying your canopy. An AXIS Instructor will watch your entire canopy flight and video your approach and landing. There will be a video debrief and ground training session between each jump.

For more advanced students, who have already acquired the above knowledge, we provide more one on one opportunities such as High Altitude Hop and Pops. During these jumps an instructor will accompany you giving you a fixed object in the sky to fly relative to. This will allow you to witness how your canopy reacts to certain inputs.

World Class Formation Skydiving Coaching with Brianne Thompson (X-Pansion Projects)

Skydive Arizona provides one of the best environments in the world for teams to train. Combining jumping and tunnel depending on a teams needs and goals, it is possible to see improvements in a short period of time. Brianne is a specialist in 4-way coaching and engineers each training plan specifically to match individual team needs. Her programs are flexible and based on years of top level competing and coaching. Please click here to learn more about the AXIS X-Pansion Projects.

Freefly and Vertical Formation Skydiving

Through added awareness of aerodynamics and body-mechanics, a freeflyer is capable of maneuvering through the air on the belly, as well as back, feet, and head. When these four basic positions of flight are learned, and the transitions between them understood, a new dimensions of flight is unveiled that allows the flyer to explore a seemingly endless amount of possibilities. We believe that it is crucial that one should not limit themselves in their practice of body-flight by adhering to labels such as “freeflying” or “formation flying”. Take an interest in all flight, and you will notice that they all compliment each other. Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS) refers to four jumpers building predetermined formations from the IPC dive pool, while using freefly body positions. This discipline combines the skill of freefly with the complex mental work of formation skydiving. AXIS provides coaching for these disciplines in the wind tunnel and sky.

Wind Tunnel Training

Dramatically improve your abilities in the controlled learning environment of the wind tunnel, and then take your new skills straight to the sky! All tunnel-coaching sessions are preceded with a thorough 30-minute brief on body positions and maneuvers being practiced, followed by your flight time. Your flight time will be broken up into approximately two-minute increments, allowing you to take breaks in between flights. Once your time is over, a thorough de-brief with video analysis will end the session.

Organizing and Events

AZTC offers a staff of highly qualified, friendly and enthusiastic load organizers for both FS and Freefly everyday! This is a great way to meet people to jump with while at the same time learning some tips here and there. In addition to motivating our students to participate in competitive events, such as the USPA Nationals, local meets and tunnel competitions, we are here to help guide jumpers on building their first teams. The members of AZTC have vast experience on competition teams that have competed at the World Championship level multiple times!

Published Educational Materials

AXIS Flight School frequently publishes free educational materials online as well as print.

Foundations of Flight is Axis Flight School's monthly "Safety & Training" column that is published by USPA's Parachutist.