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Skydive Arizona's Training Center is home to AXIS Flight School, a coaching academy for jumpers wanting to expand their knowledge and skill level. AXIS specializes in providing skydivers with the tools and training aids necessary to further their abilities, no matter what their chosen discipline. Our goal is to deliver a learning environment that has a set curriculum yet is flexible enough to meet each individuals needs.

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Arizona Airspeed, current US National and World Champions in 4-way Formation Skydiving, is available for sky coaching at Skydive Arizona and tunnel coaching at SkyVenture Arizona.

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Flight-1 is a curriculum of continuing education in Canopy Control and Instruction. This curriculum provides a clear and comprehensive progression for the skydiver of any experience level to learn and improve their canopy handling skills. Justin Price, a world class canopy pilot and videographer, leads the Flight-1 program at Skydive Arizona.

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SkyVenture Arizona, located at Skydive Arizona, employs the best indoor skydiving coaches and instructors in the world. Our certified instructors and world-class coaches can help you become an outstanding flyer in no time. Coaching will be tailored to meet your individualized needs. We specialize in teaching all flying skills from the most basic to the most advanced.

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