AZ Training Center Load Organizers

Load Organizers are free jumping buddies that get groups together and engineer skydives. Load Organizers are available for all skills levels for belly and freefly. The Load Organizer schedule may be found here:

Note: Load Organizers are available 7 days a week from October 1st – April 30th
And available weekends only from May 1st – September 30th


Chas Hines

“First and foremost, I like organizing because I love to skydive! Load Organizing gives me the chance to do more of that while giving back to the sport. If I can create safe and enjoyable plans for people to jump at Skydive Arizona, maybe they might take more of the same home with them. Secretly, my evil plan is to ‘mo’betta” skydives.”


Remi Aguila

“I love getting people jumping and improving. Whether it’s small groups or big ways, showing good techniques and seeing jumpers improve is what I find the most fun about Load Organizing.”


Andy Locke

“When I was a new jumper, it was an organizer that inspired me to progress in the sport. I hope to be the same inspiration for the jumpers that I get the opportunity to organize.”


Jason Jones

“I like to Load Organize because I get to meet new people from all over the world. Working with the newer jumper is fun as well.”


Nancy Koreen

“My favorite thing about load organizing is getting to meet and jump with people from all over the world and seeing their smiling faces in freefall!”


Terrry Gardner

“I like to load organize to help newer jumpers progress and become capable and safe skydivers.”


Mel Werner

"I love organizing because I love meeting new people, introducing them to Skydive AZ, and getting to see their smiling faces in freefall!!"


Chazi Blacksher

“I like to load organizes because it enables me to share great experiences in the sky with people that I may not have met otherwise.”

Tom Stokes

Tom Stokes

“Skydiving is a social sport. To skydive well is to maintain a position and orientation relative to another skydiver. When newly licensed or new to Skydive Arizona, it can be intimidating to just walk up to a group and ask if you can join them. The Load Organizer is the “ice breaker”, and I like that. I try to create a very welcoming environment by dealing with details of manifest and dirt dives so everyone can focus more on safety and the objectives of the next jump.”


Amy Bowen


Wade Baird

“I enjoy bringing people together and sharing the sky with friends new and old.”


Niklas Daniel

“Load organizing has offered me the opportunity to travel all over the world, meet new people, and experiment with unique skydives. There is nothing like leaving the ground as strangers, and landing as comrades.”


Brianne Thompson

“It is awesome to jump with people from all over the world, with varying skill levels, and put successful jumps together. It is even more awesome when the people you’re jumping with don’t think the idea you have will work, then it does, the look on their face is priceless!”


Steve Woodford

“For me, load organizing is a way to challenge jumpers of various skill levels to have fun and also improve their skills in interesting and innovative skydives.”


Corey Mendoza

“I love the excitement on a skydivers face when they were part of a successful group jump.”


Chris Anderson

“The best thing about organizing, is giving back to the sport that gave me so much.”


Alex Swindle


John Blackburn

"I like load organizing because finding ways to challenge people with different types of skydive and watching the succees is so much fun!"


Craig Amrine


David Cherry

"I like everything about Load Organizing! From making all types of skydives to meeting new people from around the world, as well as sharing the extensive resources that Skydive Arizona has to offer."

Joe Howard

"I enjoy load organizing 4-way groups the most as I get to introduce new belly fliers to 4-way FS or pass on new techniques to more experienced jumpers. It gives me a chance to share something I enjoy and give back to the sport." 

Paul Marstall