Spectator FAQ's

  • Spectator Frequently Asked Questions

    Can we come out and watch?

    Visitors are allowed, but please be mindful that the operations are geared towards the jumpers. Also, please take note of the policies and read through the FAQ's to be prepared for your visit. We also kindly ask to respect our facilities and jump operations treating the property with care.

    Are you jumping today?

    Skydive Arizona is open 7 days a week from October - May, and are closed Monday's & Tuesday's from June - September.

    Although there will most likely be jumping activities, there are many variables that may prevent jump operations such as weather conditions (i.e.: too windy, turbulent winds, low clouds, rain, dust devils, etc.) Weather changes minute-to-minute and is unpredictable. Because of this, we cannot guarantee jumping for any part of any day.

    What about the weather? And Why?

    Weather is a major factor in skydiving. Rain, low cloud cover, turbulent air, high winds, and dust-devils are examples of when skydivers will not be jumping.

    Is there parking?

    Yes, in the gravel lot located at the left after the main entrance. There are limited handicapped parking spaces and is rough terrain - so please be prepared.

    What are your hours of operation?

    Please check Hours Of Operation. However, skydiving is not a scheduled event. Skydivers jump at their own will, which means people jump when and if they choose. Also, weather is also a factor in jump operations.

    What events are scheduled?

    The events are listed on our web page. However, the jump activities and nightly events are exclusive to skydivers and their guests. You may find upcoming events at www.SkydiveAZ.com/Events.

    May I bring my pet (dog, cat, bird, etc.) even if they're small?

    No. Pets are NOT allowed at the skydiving center. Please leave your pets at home. Unless it's a service animal clearly marked and has paperwork, any sized animal will be asked to vacate the premises.

    Are there places to sit and watch the skydivers?

    There are a few bleachers and park style benches. However, it is highly recommended to bring your own chairs or blankets as provided seating is limited. The best area for spectators is the North landing field located by the main office hangar.

    Is there food nearby?

    Yes, the Bent Prop Saloon and Cookery is on the premises and sells meals, snacks, drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

    Why do the Skydivers land all over the place?

    There are many reasons that a parachutist will land at any given location. Skydive Arizona has 3 grassy landing areas in which a jumper may choose to land based on experience or preference.

    How old do you have to be to skydive?

    You must be 18 years of age to skydive. There are no consent forms, or any ways to get around this rule.

    How do I schedule a Jump?

    You may book online by clicking www.adventuresinskydiving.com