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Skydive Arizona™ is located in the heart of the scenic Sonoran Desert and lies midway between Arizona's two largest cities, Phoenix and Tucson. Drop zone founders Larry and Liliane Hill started in the skydiving business at a gravel airstrip north of Phoenix with a single Cessna 182 in January of 1978. As their operation grew, it became apparent they would need more space. In 1986 they moved to Coolidge, Arizona to start Skydive Arizona™. Soon the drop zone had grown to four Cessnas, four Beeches, and two DC-3s.

In 1990 Skydive Arizona™ obtained its first turbine airplane, a Westwind Beech. Business continued to grow and a new location was sought out that would allow for further expansion. Work began on the new DZ at Eloy (just 10 miles from Coolidge) in February of 1991, and the new facility opened for business in April of 1991. Since then, Skydive Arizona™ has grown into the world's largest skydiving center, averaging over 135,000 jumps per year.

Skydivers soon learned that the new Skydive Arizona™ was unlike any other drop zone in the world. Although close to major highways, it is surrounded by flat, uninhabited land for miles in every direction. Visitors remark on the oasis like appearance of the center, which has plenty of grass, a swimming pool, and trees in the midst of an otherwise barren desert. Around the central building, which houses offices, aircraft manifesting, classrooms, and an indoor packing area, one can find everything a skydiver needs. Equipment sales, food, a shower and laundry facility, grassy camping area, recreation hall with bunks for overnight guests, and a basketball court are some of the many amenities.

It takes more than just great facilities to put thousands of skydivers a year in the air efficiently and safely. No other skydiving center has the quality or quantity of aircraft found at Skydive Arizona™. The fleet is led by 4 Super Otters and 7 Skyvans, each capable of taking twenty three skydivers to 13,000 feet.

A venerable DC-3, once the workhorse of the fleet, carries the occasional load of 43 jumpers. Rounding out the flightline is a Pilatus Porter. Altogether, these airplanes can put over 240 skydivers at a time in the air, or over 500 jumps an hour!

Another factor in the success of Skydive Arizona™ is a talented, dedicated staff that averages over 5,000 jumps apiece. Among the expert coaches, instructors, videographers, pilots, and management are a dozen skydivers with over 10,000 jumps each and multiple former and current National or World Champions! This highly professional team has created an outstanding reputation for safety, efficiency, and expertise.

Finally, Skydive Arizona™ enjoys a perfect location. The clear desert weather allows over 340 jumping days a year. Average daytime temperatures range from the 60s in the winter to the low 100s in the summer. Throughout the year, the humidity is much lower than in other parts of the country, resulting in comfortable weather and cloudless skies. Throughout the winter, when skydivers find their home drop zones closed by cold, rain, and clouds, Arizona remains sunny and warm. The unique desert environment provides a scenic change of pace, with plenty of fascinating sites to visit.

Once you have experienced Skydive Arizona™, you'll know why more and more skydivers choose...

more sun, more jumps, more fun!


Questions? Get in touch! Leave us a message and we'll get back to you.

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Skydive Arizona is open year round but our hours change per season.



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Thank you for your interest in jumping at Adventures In Skydiving school at Skydive Arizona.

Our skydiving center is the largest in the world, combining an excellent staff, state of the art equipment, great facilities, fine weather, and the best skydiving aircraft


USPA AFF Instructor Rating Course

  • Dates: 23 – 27 Mar, 2017
USPA AFF Instructor Examiner Jared Miller will be conducting an AFF Instructor Rating Course at Skydive Arizona.

The course will be held Thursday, March 23 to Monday, March 27.

If you are interested and meet the requirements to become a USPA AFF Instructor, please contact Jared directly.


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