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Find out why World Champions come to train here, Red Bull athletes call it home, and why we are an international destination. 


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Indoor skydiving is the modern way to experience freefall! Great for kids, parties, or to develop your freefall skills!

Skydiving Topics

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  • How To Learn To Wingsuit

    Wing-suiting requires special skills in altitude awareness, body positioning, and ability to deploy a parachute quickly....
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  • What is the age limit for Skydiving?

    We also welcome many first-timers each year who come to experience skydiving indoors. The great thing about indoor skydiving is anyone can do it! If you are potty trained, you will be allowed in the tunnel.
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  • Too Old For Skydiving?

    You need to be 18 years old to skydive in the United States, and only 3 years old to fly in the wind tunnel. But some people wonder if they’re too OLD to skydive…
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  • How Many Skydives Can You Do In One Day?

    Licensed skydivers are quite content to jump all day, weather and airplane permitting. With the help of a professional parachute packer and multiple parachute rigs, some skydivers regularly make over a dozen jumps a day.
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  • How To Learn To Skydive?

    In order to get your A-License to be a certified skydiver, you must complete a minimum of 25 skydives. You must also accomplish a series of requirements during each skydive.
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