Skydiving Stunts

Skydiving Stunts done at Skydive Arizona!

We have developed and coordinated some of the most unique skydiving stunts at Skydive Arizona. From cars in freefall, parachutes on fire, skydivers getting out of one plane and into another, hidden rig and "chuteless" jumps, we have done it all!

Aerial Stunt Services

Although some stunt doubles and stunt performers may know how to skydive, but skydiving in general is not a stunt. Skydiving is a sport like surfing or skiing with a variety of disciplines and skill levels. The best performer for a skydiving stunt is a highly skilled and trained skydiver.

The Stunt Team is comprised of aerial specialists, aviators, and athletes who’ve dedicated themselves to becoming the best in their arenas, and who share a common believe to raise the bar in aerial stunts. For production, it means landing with great shots after every flight.

Part of the Stunt Team is, Aerial Stunt Services made up of Joe Jennings and Greg Gasson who combined have won 48 gold medals in competitions around the world, have over 48,000 skydives and 87 years of experience in skydiving and aviation.

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